First Year in SS1

What a Season!

The Pride of Malverne’s first year in the NYSFBC’s highest class for our district’s size, Small School 1 (SS1), landed us at 6th place with a final score of 85.55!

All the staff and students, as well as the support from family and friends have pushed us throughout the season to get the Pride of Malverne into a challenging arena with the top bands in the state. There’s no doubt that we’re ramping up to go back out on the field of competition again, hitting stronger and harder than ever before.

“Our first year in the Small School Division 1 class was an amazing experience.  Being considered as one of the elite groups in the state is something we do not take for granted. We felt we made a strong first impression and were happy with the way the season went.”

– Director, Mr. Johnson

Thank everyone who wished us well this season, it was a fun ride.
– From the biggest family in Malverne.

15016425_1125718964130325_7033590947082010772_o-01Photo Cred: Christopher Rossi

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