The Pride of Malverne takes 4th at the 2021 NYSFBC! With nearly 50 schools competing upstate in Syracuse, NY’s “Carrier Dome”, Malverne High School’s Marching Band competed against the top 8 out of the 24 schools in New York’s “Small School” class (SS1), earning the 4th place title.

Director Glen Johnson, who’s worked with the Pride of Malverne as an Assistant and later a Director 14 years stated this year was “one of the most unique seasons [he’s] ever experienced.” Elaborating on that Mr. Johnson goes on to say, “The growth from the beginning of the season not knowing where we would end up, with so much inexperience and finishing with a product that we were all so proud of was incredible. When I say I was scared for the first time as director, that’s an understatement…. the pressure to make sure our students were given the best opportunity to succeed and know what “band” is about, was very high. …With the help and trust of our staff and parents, the nervousness subsided and things started to settle in. The Pride of Malverne’s finish at the top of our class just shows the dedication from the students, staff and parents all season.”