The Pride of Malverne’s marching band competes primarily in the New York State Field Band Conference. The New York State Field Band Conference, Inc. (NYSFBC) was formed on Feb. 6, 1972 for the purpose of regulating and scheduling field band events in New York State, and for the enhancement of school field band competitions. It is the aim of the NYSFBC to encourage participation in such events, and the philosophy of the NYSFBC to encourage and provide the most positive experience possible for all participants. Read more about the NYSFBC.

In addition, we seek to compete more in the USBands circuit. USBands operates under the banner of the Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!). Since its first event in 1988 as The Cadets Marching Band Collective, and later the US Scholastic Band Association, they have supported the development of scholastic performing ensembles through exceptional service, adjudication and venues. Beginning with one event in New Jersey, USBands has expanded to include thousands of bands in 150+ events nationwide. Their guiding principle is to provide ensembles, regardless of style, size and experience, an opportunity to be successful, allowing students to benefit from their involvement with scholastic music. Read more about USBands.

2023 Season: NYSFBC SS1 (Bring Us a Dream)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/29/23Carrier Dome88.355th
Saturday 10/21/23Mineola88.253rd
Saturday 10/14/23Sachem (Rain)n/an/a
Saturday 9/30/23Malverne80.552nd
Sunday 9/25/23Copiague (Rain)n/an/a
Sunday 9/17/23Brentwood76.552nd

2022 Season: NYSFBC SS1 (Behind the Smile)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/30/22Carrier Dome87.505th
Saturday 10/22/22Mineola86.302nd
Saturday 10/15/22Sachem84.052nd
Saturday 10/1/22Malvernen/an/a
Sunday 9/25/22Copiague74.302nd
Sunday 9/18/22Brentwood74.902nd

2021 Season: NYSFBC SS1 (Another Brick in the Wall)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/31/21Carrier Dome90.604th
Saturday 10/23/21Mineola88.802nd
Saturday 10/2/21Malverne80.102nd
Sunday 9/26/21Copiague78.902nd
Sunday 9/19/21Brentwood73.752nd

2019 Season: NYSFBC SS1 (Engineering the Heart of NYC)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/27/19Carrier Dome85.206th
Saturday 10/19/19Mineola84.201st
Saturday 10/12/19Sachem81.701st
Sunday 10/6/19Huntington82.601st
Saturday 9/28/19Malverne80.751st
Sunday 9/22/19Copiague79.251st
Sunday 9/15/19Brentwood72.551st

2018 Season: NYSFBC SS1 (The Uninvited)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/28/18Carrier Dome91.651st
Saturday 10.20.18Mineola87.501st
Sunday 10/14/18Sachem87.701st
Saturday 9/29/18Malverne81.001st
Sunday 9/23/18Copiague80.601st
Sunday 9/16/18Brentwood77.851st

2017 Season: NYSFBC SS1 (Unto the Breach)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/29/17Carrier Dome91.703rd
Saturday 10/21/17Mineola88.601st
Sunday 10/15/17Sachem85.351st
Saturday 9/30/17Malverne78.951st
Sunday 9/24/17Copiague75.602nd
Sunday 9/17/17Brentwood76.351st

2016 Season: NYSFBC SS1 (From Solstice to Equinox)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/30/16Carrier Dome85.556th
Saturday 10/22/16Mineola (Rain)n/an/a
Sunday 10/16/16Sachem85.851st
Sunday 10/9/16Arlington83.852nd
Sunday 10/2/16Malverne79.551st
Sunday 9/25/16Copiague78.101st
Sunday 9/18/16Brentwood75.752nd

2015 Season: NYSFBC SS2 (Twist of Fate)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 11/1/15Carrier Dome87.953rd
Saturday 10/31/15Phoenix81.902nd
Saturday 10/24/15Mineola84.202nd
Sunday 10/18/15Sachem81.552nd
Sunday 10/11/15Arlington77.102nd
Sunday 10/4/15Huntington77.752nd
Sunday 9/27/15Copiague78.802nd
Sunday 9/20/15Brentwood77.502nd

2014 Season: NYSFBC SS2 (Malaguena)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/16/14Carrier Dome84.703rd
Saturday 10/18/14Mineola81.252nd
Sunday 10/12/14Arlington77.702nd
Sunday 9/28/14Malverne (Exhib.)n/an/a
Saturday 9/27/14Walt Whitman75.952nd
Sunday 9/21/14Copiague72.402nd
Sunday 9/14/14Brentwood67.703rd

2013 Season: NYSFBC SS2 (The Witch and the Saint)

DateShow HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/27/13Carrier Dome80.054th
Saturday 10/26/13Phoenix (Rain)n/an/a
Saturday 10/19/13Mineola75.152nd
Sunday 10/13/13Arlington76.501st
Saturday 10/12/13Walt Whitman76.301st
Sunday 10/6/13Huntington76.202nd
Sunday 9/29/13Malverne (Exhib.)n/an/a
Sunday 9/22/13Copiague68.952nd
Sunday 9/15/13Brentwood69.651st

2012 Season: NYSFBC SS2 (Into the Raging River)

Date Show HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/28/12Carrier Dome83.102nd
Saturday 10/27/12Phoenix (Rain)n/an/a
Saturday 10/20/12Mineola77.901st
Saturday 10/13/12Walt Whitman75.651st
Sunday 10/7/12Arlington76.851st
Sunday 9/30/12Malverne (Exhib.)n/an/a
Sunday 9/23/12Copiague75.701st
Sunday 9/16/12Brentwood72.351st

2011 Season: NYSFBC SS2 (Minimally Speaking)

Date Show HostScorePlacement
Sunday 10/30/11Carrier Dome83.501st
Saturday 10/29/11Phoenix81.401st
Saturday 10/22/11Mineola79.001st
Sunday 10/16/11Huntington76.701st
Sunday 10/9/11Arlington74.401st
Saturday 10/1/11Walt Whitman73.951st
Sunday 9/25/11Copiague72.051st
Sunday 9/18/11Brentwood72.501st